Why Expose Mayo?

This movement of awareness began with baby Peter while he was still in the womb. Peter was a high-risk pregnancy and his mother, Karen, was placed under the care of a perinatologists at the Catholic Hospital Franciscan-Skemp under the Mayo System in La Crosse, WI.

Unfortunately, the doctor who was supposed to be taking the most careful care of Karen and Peter grossly neglected them.  The doctor they worked with noted that she had a large family and urged her to terminate the pregnancy.  After Karen suffered a placental abruption at 26-weeks gestation and exhibited a number of troubling signs, the same doctor ignored her problems.  Later, his colleagues acted in the same way.  Instead of looking into the issues that Karen was dealing with, they dismissed them and showed almost no concern for Karen or Peter.  They even contradicted the clear evidence of her abruption.  Ultrasounds conducted by ultrasound technicians repeatedly showed abruption(s), but doctors continually denied the existence of an abruption and ignored the problem.

It became clear that, whatever was wrong, doctors did not care about the health of Karen or Peter.

The only definitive proof of what was wrong was not recognized by doctors until the placenta was examined after Peter’s birth, when the doctor noted numerous blood clots and a number of abruptions, saying that the entire upper part of the placenta was like one big abruption.  This was all in contradiction of what doctors had been telling her all along.  But, by that time, it was too late to attempt to address the issue.

Karen struggles psychologically because of the way that doctors treated her during her pregnancy, when she knew that something was wrong with Peter, but they failed to provide help.  Peter struggled with physical and developmental issues for the first year of his life. By the grace of God, he is doing much better now, but Birth to 3 workers recently noted that he is 25% behind for his age. We believe that things would have turned out better for Peter, and for Karen, if doctors had taken the problems seriously during the pregnancy and provided proper care and advice.

It was later discovered that Karen’s doctor is an abortionist. Not only were Karen and her husband completely unaware of this, but they never would have continued to see him if they knew he aborted children in the womb.  Everything could have turned out completely different for baby Peter. Karen placed her trust in the medical community and Catholic hospital system, but they failed her.

Expose Mayo is an awareness site for all women out there who are victims of neglectful pre-natal care. This is for all the other ‘baby Peters’ out there, high risk babies who become targeted by abortionists or doctors with ulterior agendas. By the grace of God, a year after Peter’s birth he has almost completely recovered from distress in the womb. Some babies may not be so blessed as Peter, but we can all do our part in spreading the story of his survival and raising awareness for women — to advocate for yourself and the life of your child!