Issues Discussed with Administrators

Main Point: It is unacceptable that an abortionist was brought in to provide care for Karen and for our baby during her pregnancy.  It is also unacceptable that he is brought in to provide care for other pregnant women and their babies. 

Mayo Clinic – Franciscan Healthcare must sever ties with Dr. Rose and any other doctors who perform abortions. 

• As has now been proven through Dr. Rose’s lack of concern for Karen and Peter, doctors who perform abortions do not have the level of concern, and provide the level of care, that is needed by patients and their babies. 

• (As we stated before) Performing abortions numbs the consciences of doctors.  In order to kill babies in the womb, they have to convince themselves that the lives of babies are worthless.  If they do not recognize the dignity and worth of babies in the womb, how can we expect them to provide optimal care to pregnant women and their babies? 

• A different doctor, who does not perform abortions, should be brought-in to take care of high risk patients and their babies.  Such doctors are more likely to be 100% committed to helping babies to survive and thrive.  To them, the death of a baby would be unacceptable.  To an abortionist, the death of a baby is acceptable.

• You have informed me that Franciscan Healthcare has made the decision to retain their Catholic identity, and various doctors have informed me that you have taken concrete steps to do so.  Addressing this issue will give you another opportunity to confirm the Catholic identity of the hospital.   

• We know only one other woman who went to Dr. Rose during her pregnancy.  Dr. Rose spoke with her about two issues that her baby had (which are common) and stated that they were markers for Down Syndrome.  As she explains, Dr. Rose said, “Whatever camp you are in, you have options.”  She thought that Dr. Rose was insinuating that abortion would be an option and he was trying to push an agenda, so she informed him that she is pro-life.  She is a nurse, and she knew that nothing was really wrong with her baby.  Her baby ended up being perfectly healthy. 

• As an abortionist, Dr. Rose has a conflict of interests when he is asked to care for pregnant women and babies.  He directly takes the lives of babies, and he receives financial compensation to do so.  For the two patients we know who have gone to him for help during pregnancy, he has incorrectly suggested that their babies could have serious problems and suggestively mentioned the possibility of having abortions.  

How many patients from La Crosse does Dr. Rose take to Rochester for abortions? 

• Pregnant women have the right to know if an abortionist is assigned to care for them.  If patients are referred to Rochester, they have the right to know if a doctor in Rochester is an abortionist. 

• Please recommend a pro-life doctor in the OB-GYN department.  What OB doctor can we work with, and trust, if Karen becomes pregnant again?  What doctor is completely pro-life?  (One doctor has informed us that a good person applied for a job in OB, but was not offered a job because of her pro-life views.  If that is true, then the OB department is purposely staffed with doctors who are not pro-life.  This would explain why we had so many problems, and why problems are likely to be experienced by other pregnant women.)

• There are numerous devout Christian families in the La Crosse area who are pro-life.  They want to work with doctors who are pro-life, and even expect pro-life doctors at a Catholic hospital.     

• We want other good people who work at this hospital to be informed about this issue and have an opportunity to give you their advice.  Every single doctor that we spoke with agreed that abortions numb the consciences of doctors and abortionists should not be providing care to pregnant women and their babies.  We would be happy to speak with a medical ethics board, the Franciscan Sisters, and any other groups who will provide counsel to you.      

• If the problem is not addressed and Dr. Rose is allowed to continue working at Franciscan Healthcare, we will increase our actions to make sure that people know that an abortionist is working in the OB department, so that no one else will be harmed by him.  We have a strong network of people who are aware of this issue, praying for you to make the right decision, and waiting to see whether or not you address the matter properly.       

• You should also speak with Dr. Sousou and Dr. Obi about the serious mistake they made in failing to recognize the abruption, the very poor condition of the placenta, and the distress of our baby.  They both insisted that nothing was wrong and refused to be swayed by the clear and persuasive evidence and allow an earlier birth.  A review of the medical record and more attention to issues Karen informed them about would have indicated a different course of action.  At least 8 doctors (and more than 10 medical reports) noted that Karen had an abruption, and numerous ultrasounds and other signs confirmed that the placenta was in very bad condition and our baby was in distress late in the pregnancy, but they still refused to believe that there was an abruption and refused to allow birth even just one week earlier.     

• Various doctors seemed to have no concern about failing to provide decent care.  They seemed to feel that there are no consequences for doing a bad job.  Are there any consequences?  Is their performance reviewed regularly?  If babies die or have serious health problems, is a full investigation conducted into whether or not problems could have been prevented through a higher level of care?  

• (From Meeting)Because Franciscan Healthcare is a Catholic hospital, physicians should be provided classes where the clear teachings of the Catholic Church, and the reasoning behind those teachings, are presented by people who believe those teachings.  Then at least they will know the Catholic Church’s position regarding ethical issues.
• Again, it is unacceptable that an abortionist is brought in to provide care for pregnant women and their babies at Mayo Clinic – Franciscan Healthcare.  Franciscan Healthcare needs to sever all ties with abortionists.