Mayo’s Response by Karen:

Dr. Carl Rose  (who works at Mayo Clinic in Rochester and comes to Franciscan Healthcare in La Crosse to work with OB/GYN patients) was my doctor with baby Peter. He told us that Peter could have Down Syndrome and other terrible problems and he tried to discuss the option of abortion with us.  He even sent us an e-mail which stated that termination of the pregnancy was an option.  But we told him that we wanted to have the baby regardless of any potential problems.  After that, the care became so bad that we suspected he was an abortionist. He just seemed very callous toward the life of our child.  In late January, in an effort to find out the truth about the doctor, I called Mayo Clinic in Rochester and asked if Dr. Rose would provide an abortion.

Surprisingly, the doctor’s receptionist said that he would, and he has, provided abortions.  She said that he provides abortions up to 20 weeks plus 6 days.  I asked if I could receive an abortion even though I had no health problems or concerns.  She put me on hold for some time and then told me that Dr. Rose would still provide an abortion, according to the wishes of the woman (so for any reason).  So the doctor who was supposed to take care of me and Peter during my difficult pregnancy is an abortionist!

It was a very disheartening day yesterday.  We met with the hospital administrators (Dr. Timothy Johnson, CEO; Mr. Joseph Kruze, Chief Administrative Officer; and Dr. David Rushlow, Chief of Medical Staff) for the third time, in order to receive their response to our requests that they sever ties with the abortionist.  Dr. Johnson informed us that they had consulted with the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration (FSPA Sisters) and other counselors.  He then stated that Dr. Rose is a good doctor and he provided good care. They are going to continue having him work with pregnant women at Franciscan Healthcare.  And then he stated that doctors are legally and morally required to provide all options to their patients, including the option of abortion.  They plan to instruct all of their doctors that they must discuss all options with their patients, including abortion.

So they have decided to retain ties with the abortionist.  The FSPA Sisters (Sister Eileen Lang, their Vice President, in particular), told them that they were acting in accord with Catholic identity and abiding by the Ethical and Religious Directives that govern Catholic hospitals.  How can they say that bringing in abortionists to meet with pregnant women is in accord with Catholic identity?  Sadly, we realize that our main problem in addressing this issue is that the FSPA Sisters and the CEO of their Catholic hospital believe that abortion is acceptable.  Before the decision was made, we asked the FSPA Sisters for a meeting, but they did not even want to give us a fair hearing.  

Our parish priest, a concerned doctor from Franciscan Healthcare and Will Goodman, a pro-life activist, have joined us in meeting with administrators.  Our parish priest informed the administrators, with firmness and charity, about the beautiful teachings of the Catholic Church regarding the dignity of human life, and the grave error that they were making in choosing to maintain ties with an abortionist at a Catholic hospital.  The administrators seemed ashamed, and it almost seemed as-if they were being forced to make the decision by the FSPA Sisters or the administrators of the entire Mayo Hospital System.   

When we met with administrators two weeks ago, we warned them that we would not back down if they did not sever ties with abortionists.  We are now getting the word out that there is an abortionist at Franciscan Healthcare and that the OB/GYN staff is required to “present all options – including abortion.”  Pregnant women have a right to know, especially at a Catholic hospital.  (It never occurred to me that my doctor at a Catholic hospital could be an abortionist!)  Today is the first day of the Vigil for Life, which will continue for a long time.  Please join in holding up signs on West Avenue, in front of Franciscan Healthcare. 

I am so sad and absolutely exhausted by this already.  I  feel overwhelmed and I have no time.  But, this is the most crucial time to let Franciscan Healthcare know that we expect our Catholic hospital to be Catholic.