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Do you have a similar story to share? Feel free to contact us or comment below. If you have lost a child through abortion, we are very sorry for your loss. Please feel free to share your story with us, as we will not judge this sad tragedy.


  1. Dr. Rose was one of my doctors during my twin pregnancy. Due to my high risk situation with my singleton pregnancies (and loss of one twin pregnancy previously), he recommended “reducing” my twin pregnancy. The look on my face (I was too shocked to say anything) had him mumble something and leave the room quickly. This occurred at the La Crosse campus during one of my monthly appointments with the perinatologists from Mayo (prior to the merger).

    1. Thanks for your story, Patti. Sadly, I’m not surprised to hear it – Dr. Rose seems to be on a mission to abort babies. I don’t know how aborting one twin could possibly help the other twin? It seems that it would only increase your chance to miscarry the second twin.

      1. Oh, the twins are such a blessing! They were born at 30 weeks (after 4 weeks hospital bedrest) at only 3lbs 3oz each. The NICU at Franciscan Skemp is STELLAR with Dr. Costakos! They went home 5 weeks after birth and are now healthy, active 6 year olds.

  2. Our Story,

    My wife and I were referred to Dr. Rose (the nicest guy we could meet according to Franciscan Clinic Staff) by our provider at Franciscan Skemp when two genetic markers for possible Down-Syndrome appeared on our daughter’s ultrasound. We were sent up to Mayo in Rochester for testing and further analysis. During our talk with Dr. Rose a red flag went up when he used troubling terminology including, “deciding what camp we were in,” referring to pro-life or pro-abortion issue. We expressed that we are solidly Pro-Life and later went home wondering why we even drove up in the first place. Months later, our first daughter was born 100% healthy and is now 16 months old. She is truly her daddy’s little princess.

    It’s not difficult for me to believe that another couple in our same situation lacking the moral grounding that my wife and I have internalized could have easily been scared into aborting a child with a possibility of a handicap. To add insult to injury, in this situation, the markers would have been false and this couple would have killed a beautiful and completely healthy little girl.

    We were never told that Dr. Rose performed abortions before being asked to me meet with him to discuss the health of our unborn baby.

    Please pray that the FSPA Sisters will change their current position and choose no longer allow Dr. Rose and the other abortionists into Franiscan Skemp Healthcare to treat your family.

  3. Dr. Carl H. Rose has written numerous published articles in medical journals. One I found interesting was entitled, “Cost-effective standardization of preterm labor evaluation”. It was published in the September 2010 _American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology_. In it Dr. Rose (prime author, with four co-authors) starts out the article with the following paragraph:

    “With the increasing national emphasis on containment of health care costs, standardization of medical evaluation can be an effective method for simultaneously reducing hospital expenditures while ensuring quality of patient care. Because of the heterogeneity in diagnosis and management in our institution [i.e. Mayo Clinic], the evaluation of preterm labor was prospectively identified as an area where incorporation of newer diagnostic modalities could realize a reduction in hospital expenses while improving the efficiency of the clinical practice.”

    201 women in preterm labor were evaluated from December 2008 to November 2009 at Mayo. The paper was presented “at the 30th Annual Meeting of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Chicago, IL, Feb. 2-6, 2010.”

    In my opinion, the overall tenor of the paper is that women in pre-term labor are getting way too many expensive tests that Dr. Rose doesn’t feel do any good. In the results and conclusion sections (of the “very few tests approach” — my words), it is proudly proclaimed:

    “The rate of hospital admission was reduced by 56%, compared with the previous year; an estimated annual cost saving was $39,900. CONCLUSION: Implementation of a standardized protocol for evaluation of preterm labor reduces the rate of unnecessary hospital admissions for observation with consequent significant reduction in expenses.”

    My beefs:

    The new La Crosse Mayo Hospital will be a Level-One Trauma Center which, I am told, means that it will be a research hospital. “Guinea pigs” will almost certainly enter the system. I hope they know for what they’re signing up.

    This cost-saving that Dr. Rose, et alii, are referring to is all on the front-end. What about Karen’s damaged psychological health and THOSE bills? What about the costs of baby Peter’s CURRENT medical care (it’s stratospheric!)? What about the bills for the rest of baby Peter’s life, including possible institutionalization after the decease of his parents? What about the cost of baby Peter being “differently-abled” and not entering the economy?

    It is clear that this approach is Dr. Rose’s “baby” and he will follow it to the nth degree, regardless of what his peers in medicine do and think. A patient should know up-front that Dr. Rose sees her and her pre-born baby as a cost expenditure and not as vulnerable people entrusted to his care (my opinion).

    Medicine is an art that is practiced — not an exact, one-size-fits-all science. It is condescending to assume that the patient doesn’t know anything about what’s going on in HER body. She may well know that she’s not one of the 80% or 90% or however many percent for which the “evidence-based protocol” works! And even if an ultrasound or an extra day in the hospital costs some change and is unnecessary SOME/MOST of the time, it is way cheaper than neglecting a pre-born child’s health to the extent that the child is then born differently-abled (i.e. handicapped)!

    I was a “bachelor” for much of three months while Karen and baby Peter went through all this. I don’t regret it all; someone had to cook and clean for 7 kids plus my 1 while Karen was resting on the couch. My wife is the “Amy Ramsay” referred to elsewhere in the sight. Karen’s mother, who lives in chronic pain, also helped to the extent she was able. I am very disappointed in Mayo and the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. I sincerely pray for the gift of conversion for Dr. Rose, Mayo the institution, and the sisters of the FSPA.

    — In Christ Jesus Through Mary,

    Scott Thomas Ramsay

    Saint Thomas, Apostle and Martyr, pray for us.

    1. To me the point of looking at the costs (monetary and otherwise) is to demonstrate that while Dr. Rose is busy cutting costs and impressing his hospital’s administration with savings of $39,000, the real costs sky rockets well beyond that sum. Mayo and the Arvidson’s insurance company paid for countless appointment ‘ s with pediatric specialists (e.g. ophthalmologists, ENTs) and expensive tests (i. e. fully sedated MRI). But don’t worry, those don’t mar Dr. Rose’s cost – saving reputation.

  4. I wanted to share my story. I was 21 weeks pregnant with my last baby and hospitalized in La Crosse with a leaky bag of waters 4 cm dilated. Since they knew I had a rare blood type, I was an older mom, the baby had a 2 vessel cord and I had another child with a heart defect they ambulances me to Mayo Rochester.

    I saw Dr.Carl Rose. He did an ultrasound and wanted to inject “blue dye” into me a well as do an amniocentesis to check for any birth defects. The blue dye would show if I did have a leak. I knew I did as all other tests were positive for fluid. My husband said “No way, Why in the world would we purposely put a hole in her sac?” Dr. Rose said it would be good to have the information”. He ended up allowing me to start P17 shots but sent me home on “no bed rest”.

    A fellow saw my look of unbelief and whispered to me “I would”. Later in the same week after laying in bed I had awful pain in my cervix. My husband took me back to La Crosse FS. Where I was told I’d stay until I delivered. I was there 3 weeks when my waters ruptured. I got steroid shots and Mag sulfate. I ended up getting chorio infection and delivered at 24 weeks 5 days.

    My baby had a long ,rough course NICU stay. Today she is an intelligent, beautiful and healthy 2 year old. Thank God for the Doctors and nurses in LaCrosse that played a huge part in caring for me and my baby.

    I felt Dr.Rose was negligent in my care by sending me home on no bed rest. I did lay anyway. Scary to think someone like this is in a good place like Mayo.

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